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SCDP Committees

Are you looking to get actively involved in the Sedgwick County Democratic Party? We would love to have you join a SCDP committee. If you have questions about a committee please contact the chair of the committee. If there is a vacancy in the chair spot please email for questions. 

The committees are working groups and will meet as needed. 
The following groups are available for you to sign up for:

  • Bylaws Committee - Randy Rathburn, Levi Henry, Beckie Jenek, Kenzie Borland | Review current bylaws and make recommendations to the central committee for updates.

  • Lee Kinch Memorial Committee - *Chair Needed* Raise additional funds for the committee, create guidelines for candidates to access funds, and distribute funds to support first-time democratic candidates running for office.

  • Volunteer Coordinator Committee - *Chair Needed* Updates volunteer database and outreaches for volunteers to staff various SCDP, candidate support, and community collaboration initiatives.

  • Ethics Committee - Offer assistance in addressing ethical issues that arise, facilitate sound decision making that respects participants’ values, concerns, and interests. Provide ethics education opportunities, review ethics violations, and provide recommendations to the executive team and central committee. 

  • Veterans Engagement Committee - Chair Jay Swan (316) 992-8822 | engage Veterans in the SCDP. Provide Dem representation at Veterans programs in the community. Support Veteran community service opportunities and resource sharing. Grow veteran representation within the party.

  • Voter Outreach and PCP Recruitment - Chair Kristi Kirk 

  • Young Democrats - Chair Ariel Dillon

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