4th District Delegate Selection will be conducted via mail ballot. Vote tabluation and the announcement of delegates will be done via Zoom on January 9th. All members of the Central Committee will receive the link to this meeting both via mail and email as well as a copy of the proposed rules for delegate selection. All other interested parties may request this information by sending an email to info@sedgwickcountydemocrats.com.

If you would like to run for the position of 4th District Delegate please fill out this google form no later than 5 pm on December 28th. To be selected you must be a registered Democrat residing in Sedgwick County. You do NOT have to be a Precinct Committee Person to be considered for the position of 4th District Delegate. Beginning December 30th ballots will be mailed to the Central Committee and the information provided by candidates will be available on this page to aid in the voting process. Only members of the Central Committee (PCPs) can vote in the delegate selection process.