Elle Boatman

I think that being involved with your government on every level is a necessary part of being engaged with your community, and it is important to make sure that the party is representative of its constituents and its professed values.

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Rhonda Cox

I love working to help move the Democratic Party forward. My values are Democratic values and I truly enjoy serving in whatever way I can.

Jennifer D'Souza

I’m looking forward to continuing my role as a 4th district delegate. I’m dedicated to helping dems get elected in Kansas, the 4th district, Sedgwick county and the nation. Thank you for your consideration.

Lindsay Drees

I'm the current Secretary of SCDP and have served as the PCP for 413 since 2016. I am interested in serving as delegate because I believe that choosing great leadership is vital to the success of our Democratic candidates here in CD4 and across the state.

Brenda Fields

I feel the meetings are important to attend and be involved in. Women belong where decisions are being made.

Geraldine Flaharty

I have served 17 years as a state rep and many terms as precinct woman. I faithfully attend meetings and wish to continue involvement and support in our Democratic party. Thank you.

Kelsey Fowler Floyd

I am a life long Kansas Democrat who has been attending Washington Days and DemoFest since 2004. I believe it is important that delegates show up and represent those who elected them. I would appreciate your vote to be a delegate to the 4th District convention.

Makayla Fox

I would like to be a delegate to continue to be a voice for young Democrats in Sedgwick County. Having participated in several local, state, and federal elections— I look forward to hearing new voices from the district and helping build up our community beyond 2020.

Carolyn Marie Fugit

For over a decade, I have served in various positions within our local, district, and state Democratic Party. I have devoted myself to representing the voices of Sedgwick County to both the Fourth District and the State Committee as well as through my position on KDP's Rules & Bylaws Committee. I stand with Democrats.

Cammie Funston

As an active Democrat, I campaigned for Paul Davis in when he ran Kansas Governor in 2014. I ran for Kansas House in 2016 earning 45 percent of the vote, was the Volunteer Coordinator for James Thompson’s 2018 Congressional race, and I currently serve as a Precinct Committee Woman.

Elizabeth (Liz) Hamor

As one of the few Precinct Committee Chairpersons in Goddard, I've become active in engaging area Democrats to organize. I've canvassed and done lit drops for my precinct and for local candidates to get out the vote, and was part of Rep-elect Stephanie Byers's campaign team. As a Kansas Leadership Center alum and leadership coach, I enjoy tackling big challenges and helping empower others to do leadership.

Frances Jackson

The political experience and participating in it is one of the ways to make your environment aware of the concerns you may have. Being positive about the experience is the most important things I can bring to the job.

Beckie Jenek

I have been honored to represent Sedgwick County, first as an alternate delegate, and most recently as a delegate to CD4, since 2017. I currently serve as the treasurer for SCDP. I would be grateful for the honor of continuing to represent you to our congressional district. Thank you.

Sarah Johnson

Leadership and representation matter. I should be selected as a delegate because I will make informed decisions to build a strong base for our party to grow upon.

Haley Kottler

Hi all! I am a proud Democrat who has worked or volunteered on campaigns since 2016. I also work as a campaign director on economic justice issues and anti hunger advocacy here in Kansas. I served as an alternate delegate for the past two years, and would be excited to serve as a delegate this time around.

Pat Lehman

Monica Marks

I have been elected precinct committee woman in both 122 and 105 and am very active when it comes to keeping voters engaged and getting to the polls. Currently I both live and work in 105 and am committed to getting to know every democrat in the precinct, every election cycle.

Celeste Racette

 I am a lifelong Democrat and Democratic Precinct CommitteeWoman for Precinct 510.  My background is financial accounting, having served as Chief Internal Auditor, Accounting Officer, and Manager in banks and credits unions.  I was Fraud Investigator for the FDIC and brought enforcement actions against payday lenders and white collar crime.  I serve as Chairperson for the non-partisan grassroots campaign 'Save Century II' which collected 17,263 signatures to bring a vote on the future of Century II.  I believe in transparency and accountability for all aspects of government and hold elected officials to the highest standard of ethical conduct.  I would be honored to serve.

Sami Raulsten

I've worked with multiple campaigns over the last 3 years; I am an avid democrat that seeks to unify the state and county parties with transparency and accountability from all candidates.

Katie Roggenbaum

I am fully dedicated to the Democratic Party and our ideals. I wish to work towards making change at the local and National levels and have already started some of that through my advocacy work for children and those with disabilities. I already work with state agencies and legislators to help make change and move our state in a better direction. I was appointed by Governor Kelly to serve on the special bequest council this year and also selected as the family delegate for the Maternal and Child Health Bureau for the state of Kansas. I have many years of experience in advocacy and would like to use that knowledge to further our party’s influence in our state.

Tracy Rutledge

My commitment to the values and goals of the Democratic Party is built on my family's longtime support of the party.  I believe we need to pass our dreams and aspirations on to the next generation coupled with a pathway to political success.  As a former Sedgwick County Party executive director, I saw firsthand how important it is that each of us engage in the process of electing Democrats.   

Jamie Schmaltz

I have been engaged in politics and policy my entire life. My children have been dragged along as I engaged but now they are all gone and it’s time for me to focus on my community and my district. I love being from Wichita but we have some growing to do and I would love to be a part of that growth! I have sat on many non profit boards, president of some and now I am ready to help be a part of the bigger picture. Our local government needs my voice!

Stacy Shanahan

As a Kansas Democrat that was born and raised in the 4th District, I want to see this midwestern state turn Blue. I'm in my second term as Precinct Committeewoman (Precinct 207) and have sat on the Executive Board of Sedgwick County Democratic Women. Coming from a politically attuned family, being active in politics is natural and something that I enjoy.
I am excited to see the Democratic Party continue to evolve and progress with legislation for the hard working people of Kansas. Being a part of the process, no matter how small, is an honor.

Erika Sharon

I am honored by your consideration of my selection as a 4th District Delegate. I have developed strong working relationships with fellow Kansas Democrats across 4th District and Kansas in several organizations and roles, including Kansas Young Democrats, Kansas Federation of Democratic Women, and Laura Lombard's 2020 campaign for US Representative. I look forward to representing Sedgwick County as a 4th District Delegate and ensuring all of our candidates have the support and infrastructure necessary to run competitive races--and win them--each and every election cycle.

Deb Shepard

I am an active member of the Kansas Democratic Party and am interested in representing Sedgwick County in the process of selecting the officers of the 4th District. We need to ensure strong leadership is in place as we work to preserve our Democratic values.

Precious Smith

I am committed to pursuing the betterment of our district one decision at a time!

Emily Stone

I’ve been an active volunteer of local and National party politics since the 90’s. I’m currently a PCP for 218, lead for Moms Demand Action, treasurer for the SCDW, and a grassroots parent advocacy educator for the KS Head Start Association.

Katy Tyndell

After witnessing the dangerous attempts in recent months by people in power to undermine the most fundamental of all our democratic institutions--our free and fair elections--I feel compelled to step up and do more in my own community to not only advance the progressive policies in which I believe, but to protect democracy itself. I believe my legal training and unique skill set, including strong communication, mediation, and leadership skills, would lend itself well to the role of Delegate to the 4th District for Sedgwick County. Thank you for your consideration.

Olivia Vest

Community engagement and continued advocacy of all Kansans and Democrats at the State Party level has never been more important than right at this historic moment. In my first term as a State Delegate, I learned the significance of involvement in this role, and it’s not a responsibility I will ever take lightly. I love Sedgwick County and the 4th District just as I love all Kansans; whether it be in this capacity or in my continued work for campaigns and our city, I will never stop advocating for community members within or outside of our Party— specifically on behalf of those who are disenfranchised by and beyond the Democratic Party and our state at large.

Crystal Walter

I wish to be selected as a delegate in order to broaden my knowledge as well as provide input from a fresh perspective. While I've spent several years volunteering in various capacities in my town and in other areas of Sedgwick County, I aspire to become a bigger asset to the local democratic party as we achieve our goals as a team.

Kim Webb

Community engagement and continued advocacy of all Kansans and Democrats at the State Party level has never been more important than right at this historic moment. In my first term as a State Delegate, I learned the significance of involvement in this role, and it’s not a responsibility I will ever take lightly. I love Sedgwick County and the 4th District just as I love all Kansans; whether it be in this capacity or in my continued work for campaigns and our city, I will never stop advocating for community members within or outside of our Party— specifically on behalf of those who are disenfranchised by and beyond the Democratic Party and our state at large.

Donna Wirth

I am the Precinct Committeewoman for Precinct 412 and the current delegate to District 4 and to the KDP. I am a community activist who for the past 5 years has worked in and volunteered for numerous campaigns, from writing postcards, making phone calls, canvassing, dropping lit, etc., to that of being a campaign manager and treasurer. I regularly attend the party conventions, meetings, & caucuses to assure we the people have a voice in our party; and I have held office in both Sedgwick County Democratic Women and South Sedgwick County Democratic Club, raising money for women candidates and others who support women's issues.

Stephanie Yeager

Local and state politics will be so important in the coming year and our caucus, as well as our Governor, will need as much support as they can get. This past year has left many of us struggling and getting people back on their feet must be the goal — our voices are critical to seeing that done.

Casey Yingling

I have served as a Fourth District delegate since 2010. I represent both a young and experienced voice on our committee. My understanding of rules and procedure benefits all Democrats of CD4 and I would like to continue to utilize my skills to continue benefitting CD4 Democrats.

mAndrusack - Michael Andrusak.jpg

Michael Andrusak

I want to be involved in helping to maintain and strengthen the Sedgwick County Democratic party and this is may be one way for me to do my small part. I believe that it is important for Kansas to have a strong two-party system because that means accountability to this wonderful democratic republic that we live in.

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Justin Bjork

I am passionate about improving my community and getting more democrats elected up and down the ballot in Kansas. I want to fight for working Kansans and get the “good old boy” network out of politics!

Brock Booker

I have served the community as volunteer and advocate that has been solution driven and task oriented. I have proven to work well with others by working with local PACS -The Sedgwick County Grassroots Democrats (where I currently serve as Vice President.) and the Color of Change organizations. I have lead/advised other political campaigns and I have run for office, in 2019.
Currently I'm serving as Precinct Committeeman 405 and as a board member of the Power CDC Development Inc. Thus I'm not a stranger to engaging persons of all ages and backgrounds. I'm ready to roll up my sleeves and just serve.

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Patrick Cantwell

As a 71 year old active Democrat, I believe that strong County and District representatives and delegates can provide a sound base for future Democratic success in elections.

Charles Combs

I am a college instructor of political science and history, a real estate agent, a life long Kansan, and am committed to the Democratic goals of equality, affordable healthcare, affordable housing, protecting the right to vote, and protection of human rights for everyone. I believe that the combination of my work in Democratic politics, particularly the Thompson campaigns, along with my jobs both in the academic world and real estate allow me to bring a perspective to the Democratic Party that is useful in helping us continue to grow in Kansas and across the country. Please reach out to me if you have any questions: 316-680-6720.

Gabriel Costilla

I would appreciate the chance to participate in our democratic process. I have served as a delegate previously while I was vice chair of the Sedgwick Democratic Party, and I really enjoyed the opportunity to take part in this process and interact with friends from across the state.

David Fields

Important to be involved

Matthew Flaiz

I enjoy volunteering for the SCDP. I’m hoping to fill a more active role in the party. I believe I am a great candidate to represent Sedgwick County Democrats.

Matthew Fox

As a delegate to the 4th district I will advocate for party leadership and policies that support working class families.

Esau Freeman

I would like to be a delegate to the fourth district to continue to elect leaders that support progressive causes in general but the issues near and dear to my heart are Labor and Marijuana reform, and pro choice legislation. I would appreciate the opportunity to continue to represent Sedgwick County as a delegate and elect people who support causes that we are all in favor of.

David Glover

Javan Gonzalez

I would like to serve as a delegate to bring a diverse perspective to the table. As a young latino, I believe our party would benefit from more underrepresented voices stepping up to build up our state and local party. I volunteered on Mayor Whipple’s campaign, serve as the PCP for precinct 106 and had the privilege to work as Campaign Manager for Commissioner Elect Sarah Lopez’s campaign.

Preston Greeno

I hope to be elected as a delegate for many reasons, but the most important one is representation! As i am just 19 years old, i hope to have the opportunity to represent the youth of Sedgwick County and the district as a whole and to motivate them to vote. Young voters are very important and deserve to be represented!

Dallas Grimes

I would like to be selected as a delegate for the 4th district because it is that we have representation from all parts of the Democratic Party. I would represent the young people and the progressives of this district. I would work hard to help elect Democrats because it is important to have a strong Democratic Party in a red state.

Levi Henry

I have 22 years experience and have worked in 170+ congressional, legislative, city, county and local races across Kansas.

Michael Hoheisel

I want to ensure that all voices and perspectives within our party have a voice, and to push our party to come together to face our true political opponents. The only way we win is through unity around a clean, pure message of working for ALL people.

Tim Holt

I think this is an opportunity to strengthen the party so we can increase the number of Democrats holding offices across the state. I would like to be part of that movement.

Andrew Hubbard

As a retail employee during the pandemic, I know firsthand what it is like to be deemed an "essential worker" with low wages and no access to affordable healthcare. I am a staunch advocate for a higher minimum wage and Medicare for All. Asa millennial, I hope to bridge the gap between the younger generations and the older ones regarding issues for LGBTQIA rights, prison reform, and the climate crisis.

Tom James

My time as an street-level activist eventually led me to become more involved in party politics. I believe that the way forward involves the passion of the activist combined with the pragmatism of wise and empathetic political leaders.

Sean Litke

We need need people from all walks of life and ages to better represent the party. I think I could be a good representative.

Jerry Lucas

I'm a lifelong Democrat, a retired Army Reserve officer, retired union member, former secretary/treasurer of Local Lodge 839. International Assoc. of Machinists & Aircraft Workers, a delegate to District 70, IAM&AW and a delegate to the Wichita/Hutchinson Labor Federation. I am a current SCDP delegate and 4th District Delegate to the KDP. I believe in equality for everyone, regardless of race, creed, color or national origin and a LGBTQ ally. I will continue to work hard for our Democratic Party, our Democratic candidates and for you and your family.

John Moeder

I have a long history of involvement with campaigns and have served in various roles to get Democrats elected. I want to make sure our leadership keeps Wichita front and center in the minds of the state party and that Central Wichita has a voice on the 4th district and state committees.

Zablon Omwoyo

I need to participate in our party’s voting for candidates for primary and general elections. Also, it’s a privilege to participate in voting to amend state party platform by adding, subtracting or changing planks.

Blaise Plummer

I am an attorney and precinct committeeman of 130. I was active in going door to door distributing literature for our candidates this year. I would like your vote to be a delegate. Thanks.

Chris Pumpelly

Having worked to elect Democrats at every level of government, including serving on the campaigns of 4th District Congressional campaigns, I know what's required to fight and win elections. I want to continue bringing my knowledge and passion to help further the cause of our party for the challenging years to come.

Randy Rathbun

I would appreciate your vote. As a current member of the SCDP executive committee, I will make certain that our voices are heard on the 4th District Congressional Committee.

Clint Raulsten

I am an active Democrat who has worked on Democratic campaigns in both paid and unpaid positions for the last several cycles.

Joseph Devon Rutledge

Having briefly campaigned and then worked for a campaign this last cycle, I've seen firsthand our need for organized field efforts. In order to achieve our aims of electing more Democrats and creating fairer representation across our county and 4th District, we must start those efforts now. If selected, I will work to strengthen our coalition and to elect more Democrats!

Harold Schlechtweg

I am a retired union leader, advocate for refugees and immigrants, a Sierra Club Life member, and precinct committee person in Delano. I walked my precinct twice for Democratic candidates before the last election and know my neighbors.

Chuck Schmidt

I would like to be a 4th district delegate because I now have the time to be active in the party in which I have been involved since 1971. I am a precinct committee person and have worked for virtually every Democratic candidate in Wichita in the past 3 years by knocking on doors and distributing literature. This county can be turned blue and if so, along with Shawnee, Douglas, Wyandotte and Johnson Counties, we can have the votes to make Kansas a competitive purple state.

Justin Shore

I'm a highly active local Democrat, and an active participant in organizations of which I'm a member. I believe in electing active and effective members to governing bodies at all levels. Active and engaged governing bodies elect leaders that reflective of those same values. We need to build the best team possible to achieve future success.

Jim Ward

Improve and expand the Democrat Party in KS.

Sean Wentling

Not only have I continued to expand the KDP's influence in KS-04 through my position as Kansas High School Democrats KS-04 Regional Director, but I have brought issues to the forefront throughout the Wichita community through my role as president of the Derby High School Democrats. I will continue to fight for KS-04, just as I have done through my amendments to the KYD Constitution and further actions in the past year.

Brandon Whipple

I'm interested in serving as a delegate from the fourth district. I have served in this capacity in the past and believe my experience will be beneficial.

Jimmy Yeager

I am the working class. I believe all working class people deserve a strong living wage. The working class needs a voice and I will be that voice.